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TWO VACCINES AUTHORIZED FOR USE IN UNITED STATES: Officials from the World Health Organization hold a briefing to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The United States remains the global epicenter of the outbreaks, suffering from more than 17.8 million infections and 317,700 deaths. On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration authorized drug manufacturer Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, making it the second vaccine available to Americans. Like the one from Pfizer and BioNTech, Moderna’s vaccine requires two shots spaced weeks apart. Dr. Anthony Fauci called the development and approval of these two vaccines ‘a historic moment.’ ‘This to me is a triumph of multiyear investment in biomedical research that culminated in something that was not only done in record time, in the sense of never before has anybody even imagined you would get vaccines to people in less than a year from the time that the sequence was made known,’ Dr. Fauci explained. Health care workers, nursing home residents, and certain members of the federal government have been among the first to receive the vaccine.
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