Sunday 27 September pandemic update


CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Changing Age Distribution of the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, May–August 2020 (23rd September)

Early in the pandemic, COVID-19 incidence was highest among older adults

June–August 2020

Incidence highest, 20–29 years

Accounted for less than 20% of all confirmed cases

Younger adults likely contribute to community transmission

Southern United States, June 2020

Increases in percentage of positive test results among adults aged 20–39

Increases among those aged more than 60 4–15 days later


Strict adherence to community mitigation strategies

Personal preventive behaviours by younger adults

Reduce infection and subsequent transmission to persons at higher risk for severe illness.



Cases, + 16 = 20,145

Deaths, + 2 = 784

Active cases, 399 = 18, 901

Tests, + 10,680 = 2, 661, 989

Hospitalised, 51 (9)


From 11:59pm 27 September, Melbourne has moved to the Second Step of easing restrictions.

Curfew lifted from Monday in metropolitan Melbourne from 5am on Monday 28 September

Higher on the spot fines for breaching rules about visitors to your home and outdoor gatherings

Reasons for leaving home remain

Food or other essential items

Exercise and outdoor

Permitted work


Phased return for some education

Religious gatherings, outdoors, 6 people

As much as you can, you must stay at home

When you leave home, you must use a face mask

In 2 weeks if we hit an average of 5 cases rolling 14 day average, old mate Danny Andrews (our tireless Premier) has advised we can expect even more restrictions lifted than anticipated 6 weeks ago. (Christie)


R England = 1.2 – 1.5

R Scotland = 1.2 – 1.6

R Wales = 0.7 – 1.2

Cases, + 6,043 = 429, 277

Deaths, + 34 = 41, 971

Cases, 19, 247 + 19, 661

Active cases, 189, 594

7th March to 11th September

Death certificates with COVID, 56, 956

Excess deaths for time period, 64, 608

Universities Hospital Trust Birmingham

Thousands self isolating

September 11, 72 patients (7)

September 25th 124 patients (18)

22 deaths in past 2 weeks


15.7 million people (24%)




Manchester Metropolitan

Edinburgh Napier


Cases, + 14,412

Last 7 days

Hospital admissions, 4,102 (up 34%)

ITU admissions, 763 (up 40%)

A&E admissions up 21%

Deaths, 332 (up 25%)

Marseille, Paris

Patrick Bouet, National Council of the Order of Doctors

in three to four weeks, if nothing changes, France will face a widespread outbreak across its whole territory, for several long autumn and winter months

France’s health system would be unable to meet all the demands placed on it


Hospital and/or ICU admissions increased in:

Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia

Increased death rates in:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Spain.

All 4 reported increased cases 2 months ago

High levels or sustained increases in over 65s (ECDC)

Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, UK


Cases, + 5,573 = 726,431

Deaths, + 399 = 76,243

Limited testing

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